We are pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about us and our dogs!

I was teaching third grade in Michigan, where I had lived all my life, when I got a Pug named Ziggy. He was a wonderful addition to the Golden Retrievers that I bred and showed. Funny how life changes when you least expect it -- I met Dick, from Texas, another Golden breeder and exhibitor, and fell in love. In 2007 we got married, I loaded up the Goldens and Ziggy and moved to Texas. Since that time, we have added to our Pug family and enjoy every minute with them. It is hard to live with Pugs without spending most of your day smiling.

We live about 30 miles northeast of Dallas and in addition to our Golden Retriever clubs, we are active members of the Pug Dog Club of America, Bluebonnet Pug Dog Club, and the Greater San Antonio Pug Dog Club. We welcome you to visit us and meet our dogs. We absolutely love the Pugs and only regret that we didn't discover this charming breed earlier!